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Lionel Brown, a personal trainer in California, has hopes of being the next Mr. Olympia -- and he has a jump on the competition, having started bodybuilding when he was 13. It was his dad who got him interested as a boy. Lionel was impressed by his dad's big triceps which he'd developed from being a gymnast. It was his dad who introduced him to the movie Pumping Iron. Seeing Robby Robinson simply blew him away.

Lionel began bodybuilding with football and track in mind. Herschel Walker and Marcus Allen were heroes, but once he saw Mr. Olympia Lee Haney, he said to himself. "This is what I want to do." Lionel's first show was in 1993; IFBB pro Ray McNeil helped get him ready for his first show. There have been others who have helped and inspired him along the way. Nowadays, he trains at Gold's Gym in Venice, California with Alan Grimes. "He's been a great supporter and friend, who greatly influenced my training."

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Lionel still lives in Long Beach where he does personal training at Golds Gym. He has two children, Isaiah, age 8, and Loren, age 6.

Lionel was featured in Ironman Magazine in 2003, and has appeared in other national magazines.

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